Pass It On

Pass It On!

Know a perfect Champion candidate?

If you have a colleague with great leadership skills and a desire to provide the best possible patient care, send them the Champion job description and the Infection Prevention Champions fact sheet and encourage them to ask their nurse manager or supervisor to apply to the Infection Prevention Champions Program. This is an ideal opportunity for you or a colleague to educate your team and protect your patients. Become a Champion!

SGNA also invites you to share the infographic on this page and other digital assets through social media to show your GI/endoscopy nursing connections the value and benefits of the Infection Prevention Champions Program.

Special note: A GI Technical Specialist (GTS) or Advanced GI Technical Specialist (AGTS) designation is a pre-requisite for becoming a Champion. If you have not yet completed the Associates Program or Advanced Associates Program, click here for information on scholarships.

For Champions, Nurse Managers and Supervisors

For Champions

As a Champion, you are joining an exclusive group of GI/endoscopy nursing professionals who are dedicated to the highest standards of patient care and safety. You are now part of leading your unit toward better patient care. Let everyone know you are a Champion! Please take a few moments and tell us about yourself

SGNA would also like to receive a photo of you holding the "I'm In – Are You?" poster in the hopes this will inspire others who share your passion to become a new Champion as well. All you have to do is print out the PDF, snap a photo of yourself holding it and email your photo to SGNA Headquarters at You'll be featured alongside other Champions on the Infection Prevention website and on SGNA's Facebook page.

More tools for you to help spread the word about the Infection Prevention Champions program will be available soon!

For Nurse Managers and Supervisors