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Industry Educational Resources

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Duodenoscope Processing:  An Update and Way Forward

Presented by Boston Scientific

The current data on the rate of duodenoscope contamination has focused attention on the potential infection risk from procedures performed with duodenoscopes. This one-hour CNE activity will examine the data on the efficacy of duodenoscope processing, the impact on the risk of infection, and evaluation of new technologies designed to address the issue. Participants will receive information enabling them to be proactive in their infection prevention strategies for endoscopes as they choose solutions related to the handling of these complicated endoscopes. After viewing the webinar, participants will register, complete the evaluation, achieve a passing score of 80% on the post-test and print a certificate of completion.

Superbugs, Slime, and Reprocessing: The Endoscope Infection Prevention Story

Presented by Boston Scientific 

Click the link below to access our NEW, 3-part eLearning series on infection prevention topics including surface bacteria, endoscope reprocessing, and multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs). This unique series will provide you with a fun, informative and interactive approach to a complex, intimidating challenge in our world of endoscope reprocessing.


New Strategies to Improve Polypectomy During Colonoscopy

Although nearly all gastroenterologists perform polypectomy, there is recent evidence that we're not doing polypectomy as well as we thought we were. Multiple studies have now shown that larger polyps, particularly those more than 1 cm and particularly sessile serrated polyps are incompletely removed by standard polypectomy techniques. In addition, lateral spreading polyps more than 2 cm require special techniques and skills to completely remove. Fortunately, there are new methods and tools to safely and effectively remove these polyps including endoscopic mucosal resection with pre-injection of the polyp with a submucosal cushion. Find more information within the article by clicking the link below.


A Word from Our Partners on their COVID-19 Response: 


  • Boston Scientific: At Boston Scientific, our priority is to protect and aid the health and safety of our employees, the healthcare professionals we serve, and their patients. That has always meant ensuring that our life-changing devices and therapies would be available when needed. Now, it means finding new and creative ways to support the frontline healthcare workers working tirelessly to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

    To learn more about how Boston Scientific is supporting our global communities, please visit
  • Cook: It’s an extraordinary and challenging time as COVID-19 continues to impact more people around the world. As part of the critical healthcare system, Cook has a responsibility to serve physicians, nurses, patients and our own employees.  
    We have implemented critical steps to protect our global manufacturing sites and delivery centers and the essential employees working in those facilities. We’re also working to increase capacity for products that are most needed by healthcare providers for use in ICUs where COVID-19 patients are being treated.
    Our clinical sales support teams are committed to supporting patients, clinicians, and procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. In limited access situations, our teams are using remote methods and technology. When critical support is needed, and allowed, we will provide case support.
    We know our healthcare workers are overwhelmed right now, and we are here to support our customers and the patients they serve. Please contact customer support to let us know how we can help.
  • ​Diversatek: Our thoughts, prayers, and thank you go out to all of you and for all that you do.   We are working closely with healthcare providers to ensure support and resources are available at any time. Our commitment to you is that we will continue to provide medical devices for you and your patients when you need them without interruption.

    These times are challenging for all, and caring for your patients is paramount. We are here for you. Stay safe and be well.  

    Diversatek Healthcare

    Any questions can be directed by email to or by phone to 800-588-6408.'
  • Erbe: Erbe USA shares your concerns about COVID-19 and is committed to the health and well-being of our customers, employees and community. And as we navigate this time of uncertainty and the ever-evolving pandemic together, our committed customer focus remains a priority. We recognize the inherent challenge of continued clinical support and customer interaction at this time. And we honor the need to limit access to facilities for non-essential personnel, however we do stand ready to assist in critical need situations. Our Sales and Marketing, Clinical Education, Customer Service and Technical Service teams are all available to be of service, to the best of our abilities, while necessary travel, visitation and self-quarantine protocols are in place. While we seek to limit disruption to our standard operations, Erbe USA has implemented necessary precautions to safeguard you, our employees and our community. However, we still stand available for our customers and their patients as necessary. Please continue to let us know how and to what extent we can be of support. Reach us by phone at 770-955-4400 or email
  • Fujifilm: Fujifilm extends its deep appreciation to nurses and healthcare providers across the US, respecting your knowledge, compassion, and the vitally important work you do for patients each day. Especially in these difficult and uncertain times amidst this unprecedented pandemic, your decisions make the difference in the health and well-being of your patients and your practice.  We wish you, your families, and your colleagues good health and safety, and we look forward to thanking you for all your efforts in person at the SGNA conference when it is rescheduled. For inquiries, visit or call 800.385.4666.
  • Olympus: Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Olympus wants SGNA members to know that we share your concern for the safety of health care providers and their patients. As your trusted partner in endoscopy, we understand the need to limit elective procedures as we all work to restrict the spread of this virus. We fully support SGNA and other healthcare organization recommendations, and realize that the priority of your member organizations is to mobilize all available resources for the diagnosis and treatment of this new disease. Olympus will do anything necessary to further support you in this effort.  
     More information about our company response is available here: Any questions can be directed to the Olympus Technical Assistance Center at 1-800-848-9024. Our thoughts are with you and all health care providers as you work to make sure that patients are receiving the care they need.
  • ​Ruhof: In light of today’s COVID-19 pandemic, infectious diseases, antibiotic resistant super bugs and everyday contaminants, the Ruhof Corporation’s product line has never been more important to teams working in hospitals, outpatient facilities, endoscopy centers, clinics and doctors’ offices alike. Our full line of surgical instrument and scope care and cleaning products along with our surface disinfectants and cleaning verification products are vital to healthcare professionals striving to meet the many challenges created by viruses and infectious bugs. Currently helping in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, Ruhof's Biocide DETERGENT DISINFECTANT PUMP SPRAY (an EPA Registered disinfectant #1839-83-39468) has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to the 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) when used in accordance with the directions for use against Hepatitis A virus on hard, non-porous surfaces (10 minute contact time). With the rapid global escalation of this virus the Ruhof Corporation is responding by increasing production of our BIOCIDE DETERGENT DISINFECTANT PUMP SPRAY in pint size (500ml) as well as larger gallon size (4L). If you have any questions, please Contact Us or your Ruhof representative for assistance.
  • Takeda: As a global pharmaceutical leader, Takeda is doing all it can to protect the health of our employees, their families and our communities, while ensuring medicines continue to reach patients who rely on them. With this in mind, Takeda is taking a number of steps to address COVID-19 and to help minimize its transmission, including:

    • Enhancing our existing Patient Assistance Programs for patients who qualify to ensure every patient who needs our medicines and treatments can continue to access them safely and without interruption;   

    • Donating more than $6.25 million dollars to organizations in the United States, including the American Red Cross to help those impacted by the Coronavirus and to help enable organizations to continue helping the communities they serve;

    • Working with MassBio’s Life Sciences Emergency Supply Hub Coalition and other industry partners across the US to offer in-kind services and donations of medical supplies and equipment;

    • Takeda and other world-leading plasma companies have come together to focus on developing a hyperimmune globulin in the global fight against COVID-19.COVID-19Alliance.  For more information visit Takeda US COVID-19 and our Global Coronavirus Efforts.