GI Nurses and Associates Week

SGNA is excited to celebrate the 7th Annual GI Nurses & Associates Week, March 22-28, 2020

Here are free resources to help you celebrate: 

With each of our lives currently being affected in different ways, we want to encourage you to share words of inspiration and small acts of kindness with your team this week. Even though we may not be able to celebrate in traditional ways, it's still important to celebrate and get inspired by each other, and the hard work and quality of care that you provide every single day, in all circumstances.

We asked our members to share who or what inspired them to become a GI nurse or associate. Read what they shared:

“Dr. Uma Murthy, she maybe demanding; but she truly cares for our veterans and is very knowledgeable and she enjoys teaching the next generation of GI MDs. She encourages me to be better and further my education and knowledge.”
-Monica Collopy, MIT; Syracuse VAMC
“When I first became a nurse in 1979, I met two amazing GI doctors who would let me assist in GI procedures and I ended up working in one of their offices doing endoscopy for over 30 years!”
-Irene Ficaro MS, RN, CGRN , Mount Sinai South Nassau
“I aspire to be on the national SGNA Board of Directors, maybe even president.  SGNA is a great organization that has helped me advance my career.  Becoming a SGNA Evidenced Based Practice Nurse Fellow in 2013 encouraged me to obtain my masters in nursing in the education tract. I want to give back and help others be more passionate about GI and advance their careers and the nursing profession as a whole.”
-Michele A. Tyring MSN, RN, CGRN  Indiana University Health
“When I worked in the medical intensive care unit, I loved to assist the gastroenterologists with bedside endoscopy. I was fascinated with the technology and the ability to accurately diagnose using a scope. The gastroenterologists in our facility rewarded my interest with peaks down the viewing attachment (this was the era of nonsubmersible scopes and pre-video views!).”
-Kathy A. Baker, Editor, Gastroenterology Nursing; Faculty, Texas Christian University
“I fell into it and fell in love with it! The chance to provide patients with education they need and provide a safe environment for what can be a stressful procedure.”
-Deborah Parkinson Northport VAMC
“I had 2 aunts who died of colon cancer. When an opportunity arose to transfer to GI, I took the chance. My hope was that I could make a difference by speaking about Colorectal Cancer Awareness.”
-Patti Pontolillo, Mid Coast Hospital Brunswick Maine
“The late doctor Earl Washington. I watch the compassion he showed with every patient. He was known to work with patients GI issues until a solution was obtained or the patient quality of life was improve where they could wake up daily with a smile.”
-Lucille Woodard RN-C, MSN  Our Lady of Lourdes RMC
“My mother had Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion she received while in labor with me. She had a liver transplant. I was with her throughout her healthcare journey and observing the GI and endoscopy staff members giving amazing care to their patients. When she passed I transferred to the Endoscopy Unit where I worked. I am a certified GI nurse now.”
-Deborah L. Sanders BS, RN, CGRN


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