Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

SGNA's Special Interest Groups are a place for SGNA members to share resources, discuss issues and develop content on specialty topics. All members are welcome to join the Special Interest Groups whether you have years of experience or you are interested in learning more. 

Special Interest Groups

Advanced Procedures





Pulmonary Procedures

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be an SGNA member in good standing to participate in Special Interest Groups. Click here to become an SGNA member. 

How to Join a Special Interest Group

  • Click on the SIG you wish to join above
  • Under "SIG tasks" click on "Join this SIG"

New Leadership Opportunities

SGNA is starting a new Special Interest Group and is seeking chairs and co-chairs for this group:

  • Hepatology

Chairs serve annual terms and expectations include:

  • Leading development of educational resources for SIG members
  • Sharing resources and upcoming events with SIG members
  • Monitoring and encouraging Discussion Forum activity 

​The time commitment is 3-5 hours a month with increased hour around the Annual Course in May.

If interested in serving as an SGNA SIG Leader, please email sheemstra@sgna.org for more information. 

SIG Leadership

SGNA is delighted to announce the chairs and co-chairs of the Special Interest Groups!


Chair: Seeking applications
Co-Chair: Seeking applications


Chair: Peggy Galvis
Co-Chair: Lenore Lamanna


Chair: Rosemary J. Sexton
Co-Chair: Dianna Amick


Chair: Linda Daniels
Co-Chair: Emma Townsend


Chair: Beth Collins
Co-Chair: Aileen Laboriante

Advanced Procedures

Chair: Michele Tyring
Co-Chair: Seeking applications

Interested in serving on SIG Leadership? Request an applications and send any questions to SGNA Headquarters:

Email: info@sgna.org
Fax:     312.673.6694
Mail:    SGNA Headquarters
            330 N. Wabash Ave.
            Suite 2000
            Chicago, IL 60611

Special Interest Group Leader Expectations:


1.       Monitor, respond to, and generate topics in the SGNA Communities
2.       Share topical research and news articles with the group, at least once a month
3.       Organize educational contributions at least twice a year which can include:
           o   Webinars provided by SIG members
           o   Webinars organized by SIG members and provided by a guest speaker
           o   Articles in the SGNA Inside Tract written by SIG members
4.       Participate in a quarterly conference call with other SIG Leaders

The SIGs are supported, in part, by Takeda