SGNA is dedicated to the professional development of gastroenterology and endoscopy nurses around the world. Through the following awards and scholarships, SGNA seeks to recognize those who have demonstrated a dedication to the safe and effective practice of gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing, to continuing education and to the goals of SGNA. 

See all of our award offerings and 2019 winners below:

Outstanding Regional Society Award

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2019 Outstanding Regional Society Recipient: Region #62--Old Dominion

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Regional Society Member of the Year Award

2019 Regional Society Member Recipient: Barbara Comstock, BSN RN CGRN

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Distinguished Service Award

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The winner  of the 2019 Distinguished Service Award is Conrad C. Worrell, RN CGRN CSN

Conrad C. Worrell, RN CGRN CSN, has been in the healthcare field for 37 years, with 19 years spent as a gastroenterology nurse. Since 2001, Conrad has dedicated countless hours of his time and energy to furthering the mission of SGNA at both a regional and national level.

As a widely recognized leader within the organization, Conrad served on the National Board as the National Secretary, Director of Social Media, Director of Regional Societies, and Legislative Director. Prior to serving on the National Board, Conrad was deeply committed to the success of the Vermont SGNA Regional Society by serving as the Regional President for many years. With his experience serving in numerous capacities with SGNA, Conrad is a recognized leader that encourages and mentors other SGNA members.

Among some of Conrad’s many contributions to the growth of SGNA, he has actively engaged in several strategic goal planning sessions, played a critical role in the development and implementation of the SGNA Sedation Website, and sponsored the SGNA Certification Review Course at his hospital. Conrad currently serves as co-chair on the Healthcare Policy Committee and has lectured at numerous national and regional conferences, including the 45th SGNA Annual Course in Orlando on promoting the future of nursing issues as they relate to SGNA programs. Additionally, he has represented SGNA at the NCRRT, ASGE, and the Digestive Disease Policy Forum.

Conrad’s commitment and exceptional dedication to gastroenterology and his region has been noticed by many and appreciated by all!

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Past Distinguished Service Award Winners

2018 – Christine (Chris) Sarisley, MS APRN ACNS-BC CGRN
2017 – James (Jim) Collins, BS RN CNOR
2016  – Lisa Heard, MSN RN CGRN
2015 – Leslie E. Stewart, BA RN CGRN
2014 – Peggy Gauthier, MS BSN RN CGRN 
2013 – Marilyn Schaffner, PhD RN NEA-BC CGRN
2012 – Theresa Vos, MS BSN RN CGRN
2011 – Susan Nuccio, RN MSN APRN BC CGRN
2010 – Norah Connelly, RN CGRN
2009 – MaryAnne Malone, RN CGRN
2008 –Nancy R. DeNiro, RN CGRN
2007 – Kathy A. Baker, PhD RN ACNS-BC CGRN
2006 – Jeanine Penberthy, MSN RN CGRN
2005 –Karen Laing, MA RN CGRN
2004 – Ann Hayes, BSN RN CGRN
2003 – Nancy Schlossberg, BA BSN RN CGRN
2002 –Nancy Shoop, BSN RN CGRN
2001 –Marcia Gruber, MSN RN CGRN
1999 – Helen P. Rosenthal, RN
1998 –Agnes Gaber, MSN RN ANP
1997 – Patricia Holland, BSN RN CGRN
1996 –Doris Barnie, MSN RN CGRN
1995 – Jean Ann Kidwell, MSN CGRN
1994 –Lorna Andrews, RN CGRN
1993 – Nancy Evans, BSN RN
1992 – Patricia Pethigal, BSN CGRN

Gabriele Schindler Clinical Excellence Award

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Our 2019 Gabriele Schindler Clinical Excellence Award Winner is Rebecca A. Chandler BSN, RN, CGRN

Rebecca A. Chandler BSN, RN, CGRN, first began her career as a nurse in 1982, finding her way to gastroenterology nursing just 10 years later. Rebecca has been a member of SGNA for almost 25 years and Gabriele Schindler’s daughter was the keynote speaker at Rebecca’s very first SGNA Annual Course. During this Annual Course session, Rebecca gained great admiration for Gabriele Schindler and knew that it was Gabriele’s nursing vision that she would follow throughout her nursing career.

Known by her colleagues as a terrific educator to both co-workers and patients in her care, she has taught multiple courses for SGNA and the Endoscopy Lab, and has an expertise in motility nursing that is unsurpassed. Through Rebecca’s commitment to high standards of patient care, she developed her own unique teaching tool that provided patients an understanding of why they were having their motility lab test and the role it played in helping their physicians decide the best treatment options for them.

Rebecca has been a very active member of SGNA, serving in numerous capacities for Georgia SGNA, as well as at the national level. Since joining SGNA, some of Rebecca’s contributions include serving on the National Board of Directors and on the SGNA Program Committee. She was also a member of the SGNA Manometry SIG from 1995-2002, and in 2002 became the co-chair. Rebecca has also served as a Delegate for the SGNA House of Delegates, and has been the liaison to her region’s annual educational full day conference held every March since 2005.

Rebecca has clearly demonstrated the clinical skills, the academic acumen, and dedication to excellence to receive this award of such great recognition.

Sponsored by Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.

Past Gabriele Schindler Award Winners

2018 - Midolie Loyola, MSN RN CGRN
2017 - Janet Hannah, RN CGRN
2016 - Kimberly Q. Foley, BSN RN CGRN
2015 - Nancy Schlossberg, BA BSN RN CGRN
2014 – Patricia Trolli, BSN RN CGRN
2013 – Michelle Day, MSN RN CGRN
2012 – Barbara Zuccala, MSN RN CGRN
2011 – Jane Harker, MS BSN RN CGRN
2010 – Kimberly Venturella, RN CGRN
2009 – Fay Massullo, RN CGRN
2008 – Patricia Moushey, RN CGRN
2007 – Rosemary Ashby, MSN RN CGRN
2006 – Cathy Bolton, RN CGRN
2005 – Patricia Maher, RN CGRN
2004 – Sherrie Andrew, RN CGRN
2003 – Juliesette Hatulan, BSN BSBA RN CGRN
2002 – Paula Gremillion, BS BSN RN CGRN
2001 – Lindsay Sattler, BA RN CGRN
2000 – Kathleen Maher, BSN RN CGRN
1999 – Margaret M. Lehman, RN CGRN
1998 – Mary E. Young, LPN
1997 – Linda Holmes, BSN RN CGRN
1996 – Walter Cwalina, RN CGRN
1995 – Gail B. DeCosta, RN CGRN
1994 – Norah Connelly, RN CGRN; Marcia Hardick, BSN RN CGRN
1993 – Marilyn Schaffner, PhD RN CGRN
1992 – Marge Beck, RN
1991 – Bettie Jean Howard, RN CGRN
1990 – Margaret Gill, BSN CGRN
1989 – Nancy Shields-Kolb, MSN RN 1988 – Constance Cooper, MS RN 1987 – Loretta Simonsen, RN; Doris Barnie, MSN RN CGRN 1986 – Marna L. Schirmer, RN 1985 – Lynne Gilbert, MS RN CGRN

Flame Award for Unit Excellence - Applications for 2020 Now Open

For full criteria and application, please click here. 

Congratulations to the 2019 Flame Award Recipients:

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare
University of Virginia Endoscopy

The Flame Award for Unit Excellence recognizes GI/Endoscopy Units who have shown a commitment to infection prevention, a supportive and educational work environment and positive patient outcomes. This award provides a roadmap for what is considered an exceptional work environment in a GI/Endoscopy nursing unit. Recipients of the Flame Award will be sent a framed document for display, recognition in SGNA's email newsletter, and mention at the SGNA Annual Course.

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 Annual Course Scholarships

Congratulations to our 2019 Scholarship Winners: 

Lisa Brown 
Jo Sienknecht
Connie Hall
Karen Zervopoulos 
Linda Daniels

Sponsored by: CANTEL, Diversatek Healthcare and Erbe USA, Inc.


First-time Attendee Annual Course Scholarships

Congratulations to our 2019 Scholarship Winners:

Kimberly Mass
Ruzanna Gamzayeva
Raphaela Doerman
Agnes Kunth
Traci Jolyn Rivas 

Sponsored by: Diversatek Healthcare

Excellence in Clinical Practice Award

2019 Excellence in Clinical Practice Recipient: Lenore Lamanna, EdD RN ANP-BC and Patricia E. Moran, NP RN ANP-C
Sponsored by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - WKH

Novice Writer's Award

2019 Novice Writer's Recipient: Vivian Kaiser, DNP ARNP FNP-BC
Sponsored by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - WKH

Outstanding Regional Society Award

The 2019 Outstanding Regional Society is: Region #62--Old Dominion. 

Sponsored by Erbe USA Inc.

Outstanding Regional Society Award

The 2019 Outstanding Regional Society is: Region #62--Old Dominion. 

Sponsored by Erbe USA Inc.