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The benefits of membership are always better when shared with peers and colleagues. When you refer new members to SGNA, you will strengthen the society, advance their practice and receive special thank yous from SGNA.

Referring new members is quick and easy with this referral eCard.

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Refer 2 members to receive a discount code for $20 off your next SGNA purchase. This offer is good for any product, program or event from National SGNA!

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Refer 1 member and receive a special GI Squad pin!

Leader Board

Thank you to the following members for referring 1 new member to SGNA for 2018!

Birgit E. Massion

Jennifer H. Pinnell

Emily A. Young

Margaret A. Arp

Susan J. Selking

Angelita M. Hamill

Carmelita S. Bernarte

Cathleen Shellnutt

Kathleen Ellett

Vona M. Parker

Yadira G. Morris

Teresita D. Foliacci

Stacey Hemby

Dustin Matthews Presto

Tracy L. Rosa

Kathleen J. Guest

Frances K. Schroeder

Kim P. Diamond
Megan Belcourt

Elitta Chavez
Elizabeth Loyd
Stephanie Owen