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SGNA is a community of about 8,000 nurses, technicians, medical assistants, industry representatives and other GI professionals. Members join to stay up-to-date on industry trends and evidence-based practice, receive free and discounted education, network with others passionate about gastroenterology and to feel pride in their profession.


Individual memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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Member categories are based on your professional position. All member types will receive the same discounts and benefits. "Voting" members (nurses, LPN/LVNs, technicians and assistive personnel) are eligible to participate in electing members of the Board of Directors and Nominations and Elections Committee. "Non-voting members" (physicians, industry representatives, educators without an RN and retired members) are not eligible to participate in SGNA elections. 

I'm an RN, LVN or LPN I'm a GI tech, medical assistant or unlicensed assistive personnel I'm an industry rep., physician or educator I'm retired I'm joining as a group

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Annual memberships expire on December 31. Mid-year memberships last from the date of purchase to December 31 of the following year. Please call 800.245.7462 or email for more information.