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SGNA is a community of about 8,000 nurses, technicians, medical assistants, industry representatives and other GI professionals. Members join to stay up-to-date on industry trends and evidence-based practice, receive free and discounted education, network with others passionate about gastroenterology and to feel pride in their profession.


Individual memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

New Mid-Year Membership Available Now!

SGNA's new Mid-Year Membership is now available. The Mid-Year membership starts the day you join and expire on December 31, 2018. Complete the online membership application to see your dues and join today!

Need an invoice payable by check? Create an account if you are new to the site then contact SGNA at and we will email you an invoice within one business day.

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Member categories are based on your professional position. All member types will receive the same discounts and benefits. "Voting" members (nurses, LPN/LVNs, technicians and assistive personnel) are eligible to participate in electing members of the Board of Directors and Nominations and Elections Committee. "Non-voting members" (physicians, industry representatives, educators without an RN and retired members) are not eligible to participate in SGNA elections. 

I'm an RN, LVN or LPN I'm a GI tech, medical assistant or unlicensed assistive personnel I'm an industry rep., physician or educator I'm retired I'm joining as a group