Code of Conduct

SGNA Code of Conduct

The SGNA Code of Professional Conduct sets forth principles that connect the values and ideals of the SGNA to the actions performed by gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing professionals within the context of educational activities, events, and forums with SGNA and its regions.

Code of Professional Conduct

  1. Always conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  2. Practice ethical conduct.
  3. Assess situations; exercise care, discretion, and judgment; assume responsibility for professional decisions; and act in the best interest of SGNA.
  4. Demonstrate expertise by staying current on industry standards and understanding regulatory requirements.
  5. Respect and preserve confidences entrusted during SGNA contributions and reveal confidential information only as needed.
  6. Strive to improve one’s knowledge, skills, and productivity by participating in continuing education and professional development activities and sharing knowledge with colleagues.
  7. Comply with policies and statements put forth by SGNA.
  8. Practice honesty and integrity within activities that occur through one’s SGNA region and SGNA Headquarters.
  9. Provide accurate information to SGNA to the best of one’s ability in all emails, phone calls, applications, and proceedings.
  10. Use SGNA technology and software consistent with the purposes for which it was designed and employ procedures and techniques appropriately for best practices.
  11. Forbid from using, without explicit authorization of the author, presentations, and materials from SGNA events (webinars, conferences, publications, etc.) in any other non-SGNA event or publications. Plagiarism is expressly prohibited.
  12. Appropriately utilize SGNA copyright materials.