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Advisory Opinions and Decision Tree Model


Adoption of Decision Tree Model (1-2009)


In the January 2009 meeting, the Wyoming State Board of Nursing voted to adopt a Decision Tree Model for making practice decisions.  At that time many existing advisory opinions were rescinded, including:


Advisory Opinion Number: 03-124: Propofol – RN

Advisory Opinion Number: 06-163: Administration of Anesthetic Agents such as Propofol, Etomidate and Ketamine by RN’s for IV Conscious Sedation 


National professional nursing organizations (such as American Association of Critical Care Nurses, American Nurses Association, American Radiological Nurses Association, American Society for Pain Management Nursing, Emergency Nurses Association, National Association of Children's Hospitals, or American Association of Nurse Anesthetists) should be consulted for guidelines.

Read Board of Nursing statement regarding adoption of the Decision Tree Model 
Wyoming Board of Nursing Decision Tree Model RNs Read the Wyoming Board of Nursing Decision Tree Model
State of Wyoming Department of Health Rules and Regulations MDs, DOs, RNs,

Chapter 12 Licensure of Hospitals


Section 10(b): Anesthesia Services (Page 9)


When anesthetics are not administered by an anesthesiologist, they shall be administered by a physician anesthetist or a registered nurse anesthetist under the supervision of the operating physician. The hospital medical staff shall designate those persons qualified to administer anesthetics and shall delineate what a person is qualified to do.

Read State of Wyoming Rules and Regulations for the Licensure of Hospitals - Chapter 12 

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