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The SedationFacts site is currently under construction. Please check back for updated information regarding sedation in the GI/endoscopy field. 

Enhanced State Standards & Regulations Content: When you need to know the Sedation Administration Standards and Regulations for a specific state, SedationFacts offers relevant, well-organized information, all in one place. By including information from the State Nursing Board, State Medical Board and legislative bodies on each state page, we've enhanced our site to help you easily, quickly and efficiently reference standards.  You'll also find reliable links for additional state-specific resources.

New Patient Care and Safety Content:  As the popularity of herbal medicines continues to grow in the U.S., SedationFacts helps you stay informed about important side effects of some commonly-used substances and how they interact both with standard pharmaceuticals and other supplements in Patient Safety Issues with the use of Herbal Supplements. Included is a list of herbal supplements that are of particular concern with regard to the perioperative period, as well as information on assessing a patient’s use of supplements as part of the documentation of a patient's medical history.

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We're sorry but unfortunately this page is currently under construction. Please check back in the coming weeks for updated information regarding sedation in the GI/endoscopy field.