Minimum Data Set

In 2005, SGNA developed a Minimum Data Set for identifying the essential elements necessary to document delivery of patient care in the gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopic setting. This type of standardized information for facilitating communication among practitioners is believed to enhance patient outcomes.

Goals of the Minimum Data Set:
1. Serve as a guideline for documentation (manual or computerized).
2. Serve as a guide for benchmarking current practice.
3. Provide a resource for employee orientation and training.
4. Serve as a resource for ABCGN certification preparation.
5. Facilitate standardized retrieval of research data points. 

Download Minimum Data Set – .doc
Download Minimum Data Set – .pdf

How can the Minimum Data Set help you?

Development of the SGNA Minimum Data Set: An Evidence-Based Resource

Use of the SGNA Minimum Data Set in the Clinical Area

Transitioning From Paper to Computerized Documentation

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SGNA Task Force Members:
Kathy Baker, PhD RN ACNS-BC FAAN (co-chair)
Karen Laing, MA RN CGRN (co-chair)
Colleen Keith, MSN RN CGRN
Marilyn Schaffner, PhD RN CGRN

Patricia G. Turpin, PhD RN CNAA BC
University of Texas at Arlington School of Nursing