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SGNA Purchase Order Policy


SGNA would like to introduce you to our new publications policy regarding the use of Purchase Orders. Until now, SGNA has maintained a policy which requires prepayment with a check or credit card when using a member account for purchasing SGNA Marketplace items. We realize many nurses and nurse managers are required to or prefer to use their hospital or corporate purchasing department, which requires the use of an invoiced Purchase Order and did not allow the use of the member discount. Moving forward, SGNA will now be accepting the member discount on Purchase Orders made through your facility’s purchasing department.  

To ensure the security of our SGNA member accounts and benefits, we will require the Purchase Order to be submitted with the designated Purchase Order Agreement, which can be found here. Purchase Orders will still only be accepted using hardcopy requests and cannot be submitted online.

***Please note, we will not accept Purchase Order member discounts on ANY eLearning programs. This includes:

·         Associates Program

·         Advanced Associates Program

·         Annual Course Recordings

·         Inflammatory Bowel Disease Modules (I-IV)

·         Sedation Facts Module

·         Position Statement and Practice Guideline Modules

·         Online Practice Exam

Should you have any questions, please contact Sami Schurhammer at .